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THREE  L  ENTERPRISES   is  a  single  proprietorship   business   entity 
with  machines.  It  was  registered  at  the  Department of  Trade   and  
Industry  on  May 1999  with   Certificate of Registration No.  99033704.   
Its  proprietor is  MR.  ENRIQUE  E.  LOZADA,   married  to  MRS. MYRNA   
A.  LOZADA,  both  Filipino  citizens,  with  son   MR. ELMER  A. LOZADA.

Thru    Mr.   Enrique   E.   Lozada,   the   company   has    achieved      the  
objective   of    the   creation   of   Three   L   Enterprises   taking   in   all 
considerations of  his  previous experiences  with  previous  company  
as  inventor/ fabricator. Those  earned  years of experience  produces 
the  so called  ingenuity  by  experience and  proven the  importance in 
the  Filipinos  whose  been  involved  with  the  latest   demand   in   the 
modernized  method  of  workshop  creation,  simply,  Mr.  Lozada  had 
processed  an  ultimate  achievement  in  the  field  of  both   local   and 
international  industry.

The  present  trend  does  not  hide  the  modernization  of  the  system   
in  nearly   all   aspects   of   technology   we   deal   everyday.  Three  L 
Enterprises  is  apparently   been   in   the   business   in   a   collectible 
manner. Considering  the advancement  of  highly  skilled  technology :

     a)   Machining  and  fabrication  of  auto  spare  parts
     b)   Machining  and  fabrication  of  household  mould
     c)   Machining  and  fabrication  of  steel  die  for industrial projects

Also,   Mr.   Enrique   E.   Lozada,   the   proprietor   has   promoted   the 
importance  of  the  local  and  international  invention  as  he  referred  
as the  way  to  success  in  building  a  progressive  nation.

He believed  that the Philippines  is  Asia’s  center  of  new  developing 
country  in  the field  of  industry. Research  and  Laboratory  sound off 
the  creation  of  new  inventions.  Several  gadgets,  and   as   well   as   
self   taught    methodology   are   considered   prospects    for    future 
development.   Right   now,   Three   L   Enterprises   aims   to   provide  
services  to  reduce    cost    of    construction    materials    and    also    
promote  modification  using  self  detailing  process  in  every  type of  
areas   considered   the   modified   invention   to   fasten   the   motion 
studies  in  the  field  of  production.

Year 1987, the company was known to be 3  Star  Industries,   family 
backyard business that specialized in making reconditioning of plastic 
mould, dies, and machine parts.  Having been trained in Japan  at  year 
1974 in the  field  of  Tool   and   Die   fabrications,   it   developed   itself    
gradually  in the field of Automotive parts especially  the  radiator dies.

Year 1989, he started his business in stamping of radiator bracket and 
accessories of Toyota Tamaraw vehicle wherein one of his customers 
tried  his  capability  in  terms  of  stamping  line.

In 1996, construction of his own  stamping  line  building  and  Tool  and     
Die maintenance was constructed.

In addition to this,  year  2002,  3L  ENTERPRISES,  established  his  own 
business as  merely  concentrating  into  fabrication  of  radiator  brass 
tanks  and  other  parts  of  radiator for after market requirements  and  
also  plastic silencers,  clips,  and bushings for leaf spring.  

3L Enterprises is  the  only  manufacturer  of  quality  and  
standard  Brass   Filler   Neck   ( Big  and  Small )   in   the  

As the millennium  goes  fast,  3L  Enterprises  continuous  to  grow   to 
provide  excellent  services  and  quality  products.

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